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32-port VOIP

 Voice Gateway is the IP-based voice / fax / data services, integrated access devices (IAD) and Access Gateway (AG), located at the access layer in soft switching system, the main function is to unify the various network terminal access, so that the various services in packet-switched networks unity can be achieved. In the existing circuit-switched PSTN inheritance and business based on the characteristics, IAD combines all the benefits of IP technology, enabling a smooth transition to NGN traditional PSTN network; at the same time, making full use of existing PSTN equipment on the basis, IAD We can provide a broader range of value-added services, to provide customers with the best balance between business development and network construction and upgrades. Voice gateway provides 4 to 32 VOIP channel, mainly used in government, industry, large enterprises (Group), Communication Network, is public security, political and legal, tax, finance, electricity, water conservancy, transportation, education and other government sectors units grassroots voice over IP ideal device access.


 Carrier-class reliability

Support efforts to improve fault detection, network alarm.
Low power consumption and high integration.
It supports three lightning protection standards.
Phone POTS interfaces to support over-current protection function.
Using ripple smaller, higher quality communication power, support surges, power lines and other protective lap, output stability, high reliability, and support the instantaneous power failure protection.
Using electromagnetic radiation shielding properties of the enclosure, electromagnetic compatibility, ROHS and so do a professional design, can effectively shield electromagnetic interference various environments.
Transmission loss, loss frequency, nonlinear distortion, crosstalk attenuation, noise and non-cross-cross heavy heavy noise and other indicators to achieve carrier-class standards.
Flexible, powerful security policy
Support administrator login and password protection, comes with a firewall function, can effectively prevent various network virus attacks, improve data security.
Rich protocol support
It supports H.323, SIP, MGCP, H.248 protocol.
Support SNMP network management protocol, centralized network management equipment, remote monitoring and maintenance.
Support T.30, T.38 voice passthrough protocol to implement fax services over IP bearer network.
Support RTP / RTCP protocol for real-time voice packet encapsulation and voice broadcast.
Improve service support capability
Support for voice, fax, Modem business.
It supports a variety of basic voice services and supplementary services.
IP telephony and traditional PSTN calls.
Flexible access
Supports IP line access.
Support xDSL dial-up access.
Cable Modem access support.
Diversified management
Support for SNMP-based network management remote centralized device.
Support Web-based network management equipment.
Powerful QoS guarantee
It supports IPv4 Tos and DiffServ services to ensure voice priority.
Support IEEE802.1P, IEEE802.1Q.
Multi-adjustable parameters
Including the supply voltage can be adjusted, ringing voltage, supply current, long-term, short-term, the impedance parameters, etc.
Advanced voice processing technology
Support ITU-T G.711a / mu, G.729, G.723.1, and other speech coding.
Support Voice Activity Detection (VAD), effectively save network bandwidth resources.
Support Comfort Noise Generation (CNG).
Support echo cancellation, indicators can reach 64ms.
It supports adaptive dynamic buffering technique.
Support packet loss compensation technology.
Support DTMF generation / detection.

Support DTMF band, band, RFC2833 transmission technology.
Support flexible input / output gain control.
Support Caller ID detection, display.





Voice Port






An uplink WAN port, a LAN port downstream

RS-232 port


Call control protocol


IP addresses

Static, DHCP, PPPoE


System, power, Ethernet, voice interface, CONSOLE port











Input voltage

12V 1.5A

AC:100-240V 50/60HZ

AC:100-240V 50/60HZ

AC:100-240V 50/60HZ







Temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃; Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)

warranty period

1 year



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