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8/16E1 SDH155-ADM

The drop multiplexer is a compact SDH (ADM) devices. It synchronous multiplexing and digital cross-connect function integrated in one single station can provide four 2048Kb / s interface. The main function is to PDH or SDH tributary branch electrical signal by the ITU-T standards into SDH STM-1 frame structure, and by electrical / optical conversion to STM-1 optical signal, and said the reverse process. For a variety of networking. Available from 8 to 16 E1 interfaces +4 Ethernet interfaces + RS232.

 The optical transmission equipment is ideal for building the information highway, and cooperating with the SDH network management system can be composed of NE management highly flexible and reliable optical transmission system, the system is based on a unified network management platform, it is in accordance with relevant ITU-T the proposed design of the network management software, network resources, equipment configuration, alarm, performance and security management, support for multiple optical paths disconnected subnets unified management, remote network management support Internet mode.


□ hot swappable;

□ support SNMP network management;

□ Maximum provides two STM-1 optical interface;

□ based on proprietary integrated circuit;

□ 64K 232 provides one data channel;

□ provide E1, V.35 channel slot interchange functions;

□ Support 1U high 19-inch rack-mounted, 6U chassis plug-in;

□ support point to point, ring, chain network and star networking;

□ multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V / DC24V and the like;

□ available from 8 to 16 E1 interfaces +4 Ethernet interfaces + RS232 interfaces;

□ provide three kinds of clock mode: External clock, the internal clock, line clock;

□ support built-in BERT function, the flexibility test E1, V.35 channel performance;

□ Ethernet service support GFP, VCAT, LCAS, the maximum transmission bandwidth of 100M;

□ through a variety of expansion boards can be plugged directly into a different rate signal transmission system STM-1;

□ can be configured to TM, ADM and repeaters, constitute SDH STM-1 level optical transmission system;

□ Support ITU-T G.813 standard NE timing function, automatically switch between multiple timing sources;

□ a pair of clock interface can demand access / output 2Mbit / s or 2MHz clock signal;

□ The maximum can be 16 PDH 2M speed signals directly into the SDH STM-1 high-speed signal, enabling PDH and SDH interworking;

□ with two 155M standard SDH optical interfaces can be independently assigned business or protect each other, providing branch 1 + 1 channel protection.

Optical Interface

Working Wavelength: 1310nm / 1550nm.
Rate: 155.520Mb / s ± 4.6ppm.
Compliance: ITU-T G.957 / G.958.
Fiber type: ITU-T G.652 / G.653, single mode;

E1 Interface

Equipment E1 interface comply with G.703

Rate: N * 64Kbps (framing) or 2048Kbps ± 50ppm (non frame)

Pattern: HDB3

Impedance: Unbalanced 75W / 120W balanced

Unbalanced with coaxial adapter, which can be adapted to 75-2 / 3 coaxial

Jitter characteristics: meet G.742, G.823 recommendation

Allows input attenuation: 0∽6dBm

Ethernet interface (10/100 / 1000M)

Rate: 10 / 100M / 1000M adaptive, full / half duplex fully adaptive

Agreement: support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses can be learned

Physical interface: RJ45 seat support (cross / straight-line adaptive) Auto-MDIX

V.35 interface

Electrical characteristics: Complies with ITU-T V.35 recommendation

Terminal Interface: Complies with ISO 2593 regulations

Interface rate: N × 64Kbit / s (N = 1 ~ 32), the highest rate of 2.048Mbit / s

Interface mode: DCE / DTE interface, optional

Mode: DCE / DTE selectable

Port Timing adjustable

Connector: DB25 / 37 holes seat

Power requirements

System Power: AC180V ~ 260V; DC-48V; DC + 24V

Power consumption: ≤30W

working environment

Working temperature: -10 ℃ ∽ ~ 50 ℃

Humidity: 5% ∽95% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ∽80 ℃

Storage humidity: 5% ∽ 95% (non-condensing)

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