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16-port telephone Optical

16 sessions Optical Multiplexer equipment is my company developed a new type of access device, the device connected to the line-speed optical interface transmission, the line of the device interface adopts 155M high-speed fiber optic interface, the user interface can provide 1~16 road telephones, 2-way 100M Ethernet (supports VLAN), is a stable, reliable, economical, practical and integrated access devices.

Many telecom operators, power, military and other customers are leased fiber lines for Ethernet networking, this device can be used in optical fiber lease line opened a few road calls, solve the headquarters and branch free calls, data transmission and other functions. Equipment electrical part is fully digital circuit, the whole reliable, stable, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy installation and maintenance.



□ machine is a single board design;

□ support SNMP network management;

□ remote alarm status can be monitored;

□ based on proprietary integrated circuit;

□ Telephone Number mutually supportive functions of each site;

□ unrepeated transmission distance of up to 2∽120 kilometers;

□ provide fiber / 4FX + 4E1 + 4ETH + 4RS232 optional

□ The machine can monitor temperature and voltage of the machine (network management platform);

□ support desktop, 1U high 19-inch rack-mount, 4U chassis card type;

□ 1~16 channels of voice access, supports Caller ID and reverse polarity charging function;

□ Each port supports Ethernet support Auto-MDIX (cross / straight cable adaptive);

□ E1 interface complies with G.703 recommendation, all-digital clock recovery and smooth phase-locked technology;

□ peer device can monitor voltage and temperature, and can set the temperature alarm threshold (network management platform);

□ Optional four Ethernet interfaces 10M / 100M, full / half duplex fully adaptive, support VLAN division;

□ can detect when the optical signal is lost for the end of the fiber optic equipment down or nowhere, and through the LED indicates alarm;

□ FXO port and supports voice port FXS port, FXO PBX docking port and connected to FXS port and the subscriber's telephone;

□ provides two expansion interfaces, can be extended 1∽4 Road E1 port, 1∽4 way asynchronous data, such as RS232 / □ RS485 / RS422 / Manchester codes; or 1∽8 way switch, 1∽4 way voice, or two / four-wire audio and the like;


Optical Interface

Transmission distance: Normal 25Km (farthest reach 120Km);

Transmitting power: -8dBm ~ -10dBm; receiving sensitivity: ≥-36dBm;

Optical interface: FC / SC type optional;

Optical pattern: 1B1H;

Optical modules: single fiber or double fiber

Optional Applicable fiber: 1310nm single-mode or multimode fiber optional;

Phone parameters

Support caller ID, fax

Voice coding using PCM coding

Audio transmission characteristics in line with ITU-T G.712, G.714 built

FXS telephone interface
Ringing voltage: 35V
Ring Frequency: 25Hz
Wire input impedance: 600Ω (hook)
Return Loss: 40db

FXO switch interface
Ringing detection voltage: 35V
Ring detection frequency: 17Hz-60Hz
Wire input impedance: 600Ω (hook)
Return Loss: 40db

Asynchronous Data

Interface Type: RS232 / RS485

Work mode: full / half duplex

Communication speed: 300 ~ 115.200Kbps

BER: <1 × 10 -9

10 / 100M Ethernet

Support IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u
Support 10 / 100M adaptive, full-duplex, half duplex adaptive
Support cross-line adaptive direct line

Transfer rate: 100M

Group 2 Ethernet VLAN support

Physical interface: RJ45

Working conditions

Voltage: AC165V ~ 60V;

    DC -48V;

    DC + 24V



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