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8 channel serial server

Serial server is a high performance industrial grade serial port network server based on independent software development, which is the 10/100M Ethernet, which completes the transparent transmission from the serial port to the Ethernet network. The user can use the WEB server to view, with the help of network, and even upgrade any network can reach the software system, which will greatly enhance the user's ability to control and manage the serial port.

The device supports RS232, RS422 and RS485 interface, and can be connected by TTL serial port wireless module, Ethernet port, the serial interface of the device can be connected to the Ethernet data interface (IP packet format) to the Ethernet data interface.

Industrial grade serial server, with industrial level design, high stability, high cost, high lightning protection level, can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, water conservancy, finance, transportation, energy, public security, prison, military and other fields, different sectors of the serial data acquisition needs of any harsh conditions of the environment and the occasion.

□ Support 300bps~115200bps serial baud rate

□ Serial data interface with RS-232, RS-485, RS-485 standard, the serial data were transparent transmission, can accept □ Different bus mode, and automatically detect whether the interface of physical connection, the normal data communication etc.

□ 10M/100M Ethernet interface, full / half duplex adaptive crossover and adaptive straight

□ You can view and configuration parameters of the equipment through the WEB browser

□ The equipment software upgrade. Convenient to ensure that users get the latest features

□ Work - equipment can choose TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP, IP and the target port can be set

□ High density single board design, improve system reliability, with easy installation and debugging, stable performance;

□ The power of flexible design, using DC5V or DC5~12V or DC24V

Working environment

Working environment temperature range, can work in the harsh environment of normal and stable.

Working temperature: -40, +75

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +85

Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106 kPa

No corrosive and solvent gas, no dust, no magnetic interference.

Power section 

High quality power supply, allowing the wide range of voltage fluctuations, strong anti-interference ability, good isolation, work stability.

Input voltage: DC5V, DC5~12V, or DC24V

Ethernet specification  

Ethernet interface rate: 10M/100M, full duplex / half duplex adaptive,

Ethernet interface is compatible with IEEE 802.3 protocol.

Serial port parameter

Serial RS232 signal: TxD/RxD/RTS/CTS/GND

Serial RS485 signal: Data+/Data-/GND

Serial RS422 signal: Tx+/Tx-/Rx+/Rx-/GND

Serial communication parameters: data bits: 5/6/7/8

Check: None/Even/Odd//Mark

Stop position: 2, 1

Speed: baud rate 300bps~115200bps

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