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16E1+4FE Redundancy Series

 This series of equipment is the company developed the PDH fiber transmission for ultra large scale integrated circuits developed on the basis of point to point optical transmission equipment. Optical fiber transmission divided into the main fiber-optic interface with the backup optical interface, ie, 1 + 1 backup path to ensure the optical transmission of security and continuity, while service interface provides eight E1 interfaces, optional 1 to 4 10M / 100M Fast Ethernet Interface (wire-speed 100M) and one digital service telephone interface. 4 Ethernet can logically isolate or exchange. With a sound alarm function, the whole stable, reliable, low power consumption, high integration, small size.

□ based on proprietary integrated circuit;

□ Modular wide dynamic light detector;

□ 1 * 9 selectable optical module type, or choose SFP mode, flexible configuration;

□ optical fiber transmission divided into the main fiber-optic interface with the backup optical interface, ie, 1 + 1 backup path to ensure the optical transmission of the security and continuity

□ Optional 1-4 line speed Ethernet interface rate is 10M / 100M, supports logical isolation or exchange, full / half duplex adaptive;

□ Optional way PCM digital service telephone;

□ can detect when the optical signal is lost for the end of the fiber optic equipment down or nowhere, and through the LED indicates alarm;

□ E1 interface complies with G.703 recommendation, all-digital clock recovery and smooth phase-locked technology;

□ have at this end of the remote device to view the work status display function;

□ provide remote interface loopback command, easy to line maintenance;

□ unrepeated transmission distance of up to 2∽120 kilometers;

□ multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V / DC24V and the like;

□ DC-48V / DC24V power supply with automatic polarity detection function, when installed without distinction between positive and negative;

□ support desktop, 1U high 19-inch rack-mount, 4U chassis card type;

□ support SNMP network management;

Optical Interface

Wavelength: singlemode 1310nm / 1550nm;

Multimode 850nm / 1310nm (optional orders should be requested)

Fiber count: send and receive pairs, single transceiver (optional, orders should be requested)

Transmission power: -9dBm∽-5dBm

Transmission length: singlemode 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 100km, 120km

Multimode 2km (optional, orders should be requested)

Receiving sensitivity: Better than -36dBm (BER <10-11)

Optical encoding: scrambled NRZ code

Connector: SC / FC / ST (optional orders should be requested)

E1 Interface

Equipment E1 interface comply with G.703

Rate: N * 64Kbps (framing) or 2048Kbps ± 50ppm (non frame)

Pattern: HDB3

Impedance: 75 unbalanced / balanced 120

Unbalanced with coaxial adapter, which can be adapted to 75-2 / 3 coaxial

Jitter characteristics: meet G.742, G.823 recommendation

Allows input attenuation: 0∽6dBm

Ethernet Interface

Interface Type: 10 / 100Base-T

Interface rate: 10 / 100Mbps adaptive

Physical Interface Type: RJ-45, cross-line / straight-line adaptive

Work mode: full / half duplex adaptive

The maximum frame size: 1536 bytes

The minimum frame size: 64 bytes

IEEE802.3 compliant

RS232 interface standard

Interface Type: RJ45

Interface rate: The default configuration is 1 to 4 are to use, the highest rate 115.2Kbit / S;

If configured to use 1,3, the maximum rate can be configured to 250Kbit / S;

Service telephone interface standard

Interface Type: RJ11

Traffic channel: 64Kb / s

Power requirements
System Power: AC180V ~ 260V;


DC + 24V

working environment

Working temperature: -10 ℃ ∽ ~ 50 ℃

Humidity: 5% ∽95% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ∽80 ℃

Storage humidity: 5% ∽ 95% (non-condensing)

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