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2 way HD-SDI optical transceiver, 2 Road HD/SD-SDI signal (embedded audio) in a piece of fiber of long distance transmission, also support 1 reverse (default) / two-way RS485 control data transmission, in addition to support optional external audio, switch quantity, 422/232 business transmission, can be widely widely applied to broadcast live, high-definition video conferencing, high-definition video surveillance field.

□SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI - compatible with standard signal, support 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s rate

□user side offers 2 HD/SD-SDI (BNC) input; the transmission side provides 1 optical signals

□user side offers 2 HD/SD-SDI (BNC) output; transmission side provides 1 optical signals

□1 (default) / reverse bidirectional RS485 interface, using half duplex interface, maximum support 115.2Kb/s baud rate

□to provide an auxiliary channel, optional 2 two-way audio, or 4 forward / reverse audio, or 2 way forward / reverse switch volume, or road two-way RS422, or 2 RS232 bidirectional channel

□support 1080P@30,29.97, 25,24,23.981080I@60,59.94, 50720P@60,59.94, 50,30,29.97,25,24, 23.98, and 625i, 525I and so on a variety of video formats

□input cable with balanced function, can compensate the loss of cable transmission

□built in ESD and surge protection circuit, can effectively prevent electrostatic and lightning damage

□provide alarm light disappeared, the distal fail alarm, the output signal and the input signal lock status indication status indicator

□with APC circuit, constant output optical power, large dynamic range

Serial TV BNC input

TV signal standard: SMPTE 259 m, A, B, C, D, SMPTE 297 m, SMPTE 305 m,

SMPTE 310 m, SMPTE 344 m, M2S & DVB - ASI

Input the number: 2

Reflection loss: > 15 db

Balanced: 0-300 m @ 270 MB/s

Ω BNC connector: 75

Optical properties

Optical fiber number: 1.

Cable transmission types: single mode fiber (multimode optional)

Optical output power: - 5 ~ 10 DBM (0 ~ 5 DBM for 60 km)

Receiving sensitivity: - 26 DBM (- 30 DBM for 60 km)

Working wavelength: > 14 db

Jitter: < 0.2 UI

Connector: FC/PC (optional) SC/PC

Ω BNC connector: 75

Serial TV BNC output (EO/OE)

Number of output: transmitting terminal 1 vessel out (optional)

Receiver: 2 road

Signal level: 800 mv nominal

Increase/decrease time: 900 ps nominal

Amplitude overshoot: < 10%

Reflection loss: > 15 db

Jitter: < 0.2 UI

Ω BNC connector: 75

Wave length: 1310 nm (1550 nm optional long distance)

Electrical indicators

Working temperature: 0 ℃ to + 50 ℃

Voltage: 1 a @ 12 VDC

12 W power:

EMI/RFI in FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC index

Time: the average trouble-free work>100000 hours

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