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   HDCVI (high definition composite video interface), high-definition composite video interface is a using analog modulation technology, the progressive frame by frame scanning mode, based on coaxial cable HD video transmission specification.

   The series of long distance optical fiber transmission HDCVI high definition composite video design, the independent research and development of non compressed digital photoelectric conversion technology, using optical fiber transmission megapixel high-definition video, without delay, high reliability of the video transmission. A single fiber can transmit simultaneously on the 1 / 2 /4/8/16 HDCVI HD composite video.

   Supports 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080 resolution, 25,30,50,60 four frame rate, 1280H/25f, 1280H/30f, 1280H/50f, 1280H/60f, 1920H/25f, 1920H/30f six HD format .

   In the field of high-definition video surveillance, HDCVI, HD-SDI, IPC and HD product features vary has in different industries occupy the market share, before and after each production of high end equipment manufacturers and uncompromising, as for who more promising have yet to be time to test, but HDCVI also has unique advantages, temporarily can not be replaced.

□ optical transceiver supporting adaptive HD-CVI 1280 * 720 resolution signal Dahua Signal 

□ support HDCVI compliant

□ HDCVI optical transceiver supports 1280H and 1920H two kinds of HD video formats, support 1280 * 720 resolution, 25fps/30fps

□ support 300m 720p:75-5 1080p:75-5 coaxial coaxial support 500m

□ High - precision PCR correction, average PCR jitter is usually maintained at 20~60ns

□ transmitter output optical power 0~-14dBm (transmit power determined according to the actual loss of chain)

□ 485 - support reverse data support, baud rate: 4800/9600

□ industrial grade design, high reliability

□ HD video real - coaxial transmission

□ Long - distance transmission

□ no delay, high quality transmission technology

□ The composite video signal.

□ convenient construction deployment, low cost system

□ strong anti-interference ability 


Physical interface: FC, ST, SC (optional)

Working wavelength: 1310nm&1550nm

Working distance: 0~500M (multimode) / 0~40KM (Dan Mo)

Optical fiber: 50/125um multi-mode, 62.5/125um multi-mode, 9/125um single mode output optical power: -3dBm -8~ / -3~+2dBm

Receiving sensitivity: -22dBm


Send end input level: >500mVp-p

Receiving end output level: 1Vp-p

Input / output impedance; 75

The receiving end up, down time: <0.8ns

Maximum jitter: UI <0.2

Physical interface: BNC interface

Input / output interface number: 2


Physical interface: industrial standard terminal

Data type: RS485/RS422/RS232/Manchester

Support rate: 0-400Kbps

Bit error rate: < 10 -9

Electrical and mechanical properties

Voltage: AC165V ~ 265V;  DC - 48V;  +24V DC

Power consumption: less than 5W

environment pointer 

Power adapter: 100V~240V AC adapter

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃~ +85℃

Working humidity: 0~95% no condensation

Working time: ≥100000 hours 

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