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4-port POE

PoE Ethernet optical transceiver is a remote power supply and remote fiber optic transmission and the birth of a perfect combination of photoelectric conversion device, it can be IP network data conversion between two different fiber optic and twisted pair media, short from the electrical signal is converted to grow twisted pair transmission distance optical fiber transmission of signals, and also supports supports IEEE802.3af / at standard, can be influenced by electrical terminals (wireless AP, PoE network cameras, etc.) through the network cable to PoE power supply, itself does notIt requires an external power supply, plug and play, do not need any configuration and protocol conversions. Installation is simple, convenient, and a significant reduction in cost of the project.

PoE Ethernet fiber optic transceivers, with its high-quality, high-reliability, high-bandwidth, low-cost remote support PoE power supply, etc. by contractors and operators alike, is widely used in homeland security, prisons, petrochemical industry, companies and banks, entertainment venues and hospitals, health care centers, government and military, power plants, traffic monitoring, school and other systems.


up to 4 terminals can simultaneously supply power
□ farthest distance data transmission and PoE power supply up to 100 m
□ The Union can provide a SC / FC single-mode dual-fiber / single-fiber optical interface, 20/40/60 / 80Km long-distance fiber-optic interface options
□ per port support MDI / MDIX auto-flip and auto-negotiation;
□ Support IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control and half duplex flow control Backpressure
□ supports IEEE802.3af / at standard, the maximum available power 25.5W per port
□ automatic detection and recognition of compliance with IEEE 802.3af / at-compliant PD device and its power supply
□ intelligent power management, when the total power of the powered device over PoE switch power supply range, the system will cut off all power ports,
When the total power of the powered device power switch back within range, the switch will restore power to the terminal equipment
□ support port two lightning
□ dynamic LED display for easy status at any time for the port to work with the power supply situation
□ Zero Configuration feature power is automatically supplied to the adaptive equipment
□ low power consumption, fanless design, natural cooling
□ Plug and Play, no software and protocol conversion

PoE Features
Support IEEE802.3af / at Power Standards
Per port: 15.4W / 25.5W
Data pairs 1/2 (+), 3/6 (-);
Use standard twisted-pair PoE powered five distances of 100 meters
Electrical interface parameters
Electrical Interface: RJ45
Rate: GE: 10/100/1000Mbps
Cable Type: Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) or higher
Transmission distance: 100 meters

Optical interface parameters
Fiber Optic Interface: SC / FC
Rate: GE: 1.25G
Light wave: 1310 / 1550nm
Fiber Type: Multimode 62.5 / 125μm
               Single-mode 8.3 / 125μm
   Transmission distance: dual-fiber multi-mode 2KM
                          Single-mode single fiber 20/40/60 / 80KM
                          Dual-fiber single-mode 20/40/60 / 80KM

Protocol Standards
IEEE 802.3 i 10 BASE-T; IEEE 802.3 U 100 BASE-T; IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-TX; IEEE 802.3 x Flow Control;
Performance Specifications
Transfer Mode: Store and Forward
Operating mode: full / half duplex adaptive
Maximum filtration rate: 1488000pps (1000M)

   Meet IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) ± 15KV (air), ± 8KV (contanc) requirements and can withstand 8 / 20us 24A (12A) energy

Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃; Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃
Operating Humidity: 90%, non-condensing; Storage Humidity: 95%, non-condensing


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