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Soluation for Inner Mongolia Electric Power Systems
Release time2015-12-07

Saicom communication independently developed 2FE&8FX industrial grade fiber optic ring network Ethernet Switch Series, after a series of system tests and field test, obtain approval of relevant departments of the power system, successfully settled in electricity field of security. 

2FE&8FX industrial-grade self-healing network optical switch series, With multiple gigabit optical interface and Plurality of 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet electrical ports, can turn the electricity signals such as video surveillance, temperature and humidity parametes that collection and transmission from power sites into optical signals, transmitted through the ring network to the data center, implementation of data center to master each site real-time situation. 

Because of the common cable cannot reach so long distance, can carry out photoelectric conversion through the photoelectric converter, the electrical signal into an optical signal transmitted through the optical fiber, and then it is converted into electrical signals, connected to the 2GX&8GE optical switch. Into the ring network, transmission to the data center. 

Ring network with the function of self-healing, improve the network's ability to survive, the device supports web interface configuration, management, with the industrial design, With the characteristics of high stability, high performance price ratio, high lightning protection level of radiation, both DIN rail mounting and desktop mounting options. It can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, water, finance, transportation, energy, police, prisons, military and other different areas, different industeies need for Ethernet services into any environment and occasion harsh conditions. 

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